Dating durrus

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According to tradition there was a church at Coolculachta. A Parliamentary enquiry in 1835 stated that the attendance at mass in Durrus was 800 and 700 in Kilcrohane and increasing.

The former church at Chapel Rock (on the site of the present National School) was built by Fr. It was replaced when the Church of the Sacred Heart was built in 1901.

It is said that the white friars are associated with the site but there is no corroboration of this.

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Donovan Bantry, Sculptor High Altar Davis Cork, Lead Lights Messrs Watson Youghal, Iron Work Messrs Mc Gloghlin Dublin, Pulpit by Richard Power Bantry, Dedication and Durrus Churches, Catholic, Church of Ireland and Methodist

parish ID=49 Thanks to Peter Evans Dedication: View. href=IEX/1901/06/17&id=Ar00601&sk=A330CF22&view Mode=image Catholic Durrus is mentioned in a papal decretal of Pope Innocent 111 in 1199.

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1899 Subscribers for new Catholic Church, Muintir Bhaire (Durrus), West Cork including, California, New York, Staten Island, Boston, Malden Mass., Francis O’Neill Chief of Police Chicago and Compiler of Irish Music, Queensland, Western Australia, London and neighbouring Parishes, site given free by Lord Bandon, Architect Hennessy Cork, Builder D.

The property consists of a two storey semi-detached house with large f...

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