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My results so far: My opinion so far is that Sapio hasn't hit critical mass yet, seems to be popular only in some metropolitan regions (not Boston) so it's irrelevant to me.It winds up connecting me with people who are 500 miles away even though I put in range filters which is annoying.

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It is similar to Bumble in some respects as far as being less of a meat-market than Tinder but it doesn't tie men's hands behind their backs the way Bumble does. I met two women through it but neither of them worked out, but I'm gonna leave it on my phone. The way you are sent a artificially limited batch of matches each day is actually a good thing.

Assuming that's how it does it for both men and women it is a GOOD thing as it should prevent women from being inundated with matches.

He gave me his number so I messaged to say it was nice to meet him.

He replied that it was his pleasure, and that he'd be thinking of me that night....whilst he touched himself.

It's a hangout for women who might be too technically ignorant to know that there are other dating apps out there.

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