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” And he was like, “You'll see.” He was calling a cab, so I texted one of my friends, being like, “Haha, guys.

If you don't hear from me in an hour or two, this is where I am right now.” Not that I thought he would murder me, but I definitely didn't feel safe with this person.

I have no explanation for why I didn't leave, other than the fact that I was kind of young.

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The next day, he texted me, “Did you tell your boss you made it rain last night? The follow-up to this story is that, I have a friend who likes to Tinder for me.

We were sitting in the park eating rice pudding, and she was swiping, and this guy popped up. I'm not going to a strip club with you.” Now, if I don't connect with somebody, I'm like, “Bye.”One of my friends loves this story. That's the only good thing to come out of my awful dates—they bring a lot of joy to my friends.

They have seen and heard it all, and picked up a few tricks along the way. She believes any connection or relationship formed within a club is doomed from the start.

Her culture, religion and pretty much everything else in her life are inconsistent with her career choice, which makes it hard for her to respect her patrons.“I strategize.

At one point, one of them was shaking her butt in front of me, and he put a dollar bill in her underwear.

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