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If you can open your mind, focus on what you have in common, and value the transformative process, you may just experience what I have: the closer I get to someone different than me, the more I learn about myself.What if you’re Catholic and her boyfriend is Muslim – should you date a guy who follows a different religion?You can also ask your date the customs and traditions in his/her faith to make the conversation interesting and going.

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“I feel in awe of the world that we live in.”“When I feel that, I feel God,” I said.

We debated back and forth on what the “feeling” was, and where it came from, but no matter how much we circled the topic, what remained was the fact that we both understood the feeling and could relate to one another on a deeply human level.

We may disagree on what the “feelings” are called, but the important thing is that we both feel them and can express them safely and comfortable to each other.3.

There's a difference between changing for someone and changing because of them.

When we reached a standoff in understanding, we shared articles written by other people from our viewpoints.

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