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Just my opinion based on what some of my friends experience and what I read on forums such as this.

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Which is exactly what you did when you made other plans on Saturday night although he’d already intimated that he wanted to see you again. By the way, there’s a great video about this in Love U, called “The 2 Exceptions to Mirroring.”Click here to get access to the first two weeks for free (only available for a limited time only! If this man was interested wouldn’t he try to lock down plans with her for the weekend.

So allow me to reiterate once and for all: the purpose of mirroring — which is to say, reacting to his advances instead of making advances of your own — is to avoid chasing the cute guy. And because you didn’t approach him directly with a perfectly reasonable question shoring up your plans, you ended up alienating him. By sending that text, wouldn’t it mean that she’s reminding him that she’s alive and interested?

Will he think less of me or value me and my time less? No those thoughts would never occur to me, because like I said I use other more substantive measures to determine value, and I prefer to assume the best in men until they show me otherwise.

And my open and positive attitude would usually result in that happening too; bringing out the best in men instead of assuming the worst, which imo would tend to bring out the worst.

When I let him know that I had made plans (I also noted that I enjoyed spending time with him and I was looking forward to going out again), he basically sent me a tersely worded email expressing his disappointment and I haven’t heard from him since.

Dating he calls last minute

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