Dating hogarth prints

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In front of him are implements of torture, a statue of St.

Anthony and a 'Plan pour un Monastere dans Black Friars a Londre'.

One better dressed soldier (perhaps an officer) roasts frogs on his sword and points to the flag behind him which contains the words, 'Vengeance et le Bon Bier et Bon Beuf de Angletere'.

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William Hogarth: The name of William Hogarth requires little in the way of an introduction.

He is the unquestioned father of England's rich tradition of satire and remains one of the most original and lively minds in the entire history of British art.

Famous for his paintings, Hogarth's engravings are even more paramount: the imagery from "The Harlot's Progress", "Marriage a la Mode", "The Four Stages of Cruelty", "Four Prints of an Election", "The Four Times of the Day" and a host of others are crucial to an understanding of eighteenth century art and culture.

Yet Hogarth's art stretched beyond his time and his masterful engravings are as relevant to our society as they were to his.

William Hogarth' thus used this pair of engravings ("France" Plate I & "England" Plate II), to boost public morale.

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