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"I think people assume that dating sims are easy to make, but actually, they are not," Gray said. While most would offer a quick laugh and a subject change, others expressed genuine disbelief or total confusion.As "Dream Daddy" eventually came together, it was a huge relief for Gray to have video game playtesters and sensitivity readers provide highly positive feedback.I try to stay close to Mat, but lose him in the crowd. For once, Steam's globally top-selling video game for much of July wasn't a first-person shooter, nor was it an addictive, colorful puzzle game.

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The answer was a resounding, "It doesn't." The secret to this successful dating simulator just might have to do with the fact that it focuses on being heartfelt rather than horny.

It's a surprisingly relatable game, which has resulted in such mainstream popularity that a new version was released for the Nintendo Switch last month. Plus, the synthy theme song written by Culver City-based electronic musician Baths ended up as one of Pitchfork's top songs of the year.

"I remember the two characters proclaiming their familial love for each other, and I thought to myself: 'Is this what fathers are meant to be like?

' I ended up crying over it, it was super sappy, but that was when I got super absorbed into the game.

She thought it was just an elaborate joke – neither of them had made a game before – but they decided to pitch the idea anyway.

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