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Dating is annoying enough without your sulking and complaining making it even worse.Try laughing about your dating mishaps and see how it changes your whole perspective. No one’s going to argue that going on first dates is constant fun, but if you really don’t think that dating has any point at all, you need to be more level-headed. There’s nothing wrong with getting out there and trying to meet someone. Dating isn’t something that you can control no matter how much you might want to.

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When was the last time when your partner was mad at you for no reason?

If you think that every guy wants to date you, you’re not being an adult about the search for love. If you hate the look of a guy the second you see him or you’re convinced as soon as you sit down that your evening with him will suck, you’re being unfair at best and super immature at worst. Dismissing every man out there before getting the chance to get to know him isn’t doing either of you any favors.

Give someone a fair shot and you just might be pleasantly surprised by what happens. If your friends have stopped asking about your dating life, you can be sure that you’re whining way too much.

Now, while we’ve compiled a list of dating habits that’re immature, we haven’t got into details as to why exactly they are immature. Because if you truly were happy, you wouldn’t need your friends to tell you how lucky you are and how jealous they are of your relationship. If you’re going to calculate the period of time elapsed between every text that’s sent or received, you’re going to end up being in a mathematically complicated relationship.

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