Dating in hell

by  |  15-May-2019 09:25

If you're like 95% of online daters, you Google a person before meeting.The problem is, you're only getting part of the story.

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Dating in hell

Joe’s infatuation with Beck quickly becomes an obsession and, we soon learn, he’s not above bludgeoning a person or two to make sure they don’t get in the way of true love.

The series, which has earned itself a definitive second wind, courtesy of the very real Netflix bump, has been rightfully lauded for its razor-sharp treatise on toxic masculinity — Joe is so dedicated to helping Beck thrive (a true male feminist!

When I first started setting people up on dates it would often take a week or two between making a match and getting them to meet on a IRL date.

Nowadays, the time between a match and a date can be up to six weeks.

People don’t just strike up conversations in bars or coffee shops anymore. When the show begins, Beck is in a situationship with Benji, a financier’s son who’s opening an artisanal soda company (motto: “drink better by hand”) who “hides his privilege with a few Black Lives Matter retweets.” He is a royal douche who cheats on Beck, but still she keeps seeing him and clearly cares for him. “I don’t just want to be some guy you sleep with,” Benji tells Beck in the first episode, just before he proceeds to sleep with Beck and then ignore her calls.

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