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From one couple having fifteen or twenty times a week to a couple having once a month, each number is added to the average. If both couples mutually agree that sex is not as important as developing intimacy and warmth and memorable events, and there is a commitment, yes.

One partner may need to evaluate why they need sex more often? Has pornography corrupted sex and diminished its importance into a mere feeling or emotion?

Hence, sex alone is not the only magnet, and should not be the only way to extend a relationship. communication, sharing memorable experiences together, and sacrificing your own desires for the sake of your partner is essential for a long term relationship.

Although many say the average is three times a week for married couples (see the article by Focus on the Family entitled ), averages can mean a severe variation of frequency in reality.

If you are ashamed of what your friends would say, that somehow you are less of a man or a woman, or that you may be mocked for not ‘losing your virginity’ or being ‘frigid’, then you are looking at your partner as someone who is there to be used - someone who can enhance your status, your image, your emotions, etc.

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