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in regards to having more muscle mass, I’m excited for how much i can push my body further over this next year ready for summer 2020, seeing the hard work & dedication into training!

- Weight training has completely changed my mindset & goals, i want to be bigger!!

for my height & age i was almost scarily underweight!!

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That is easy for me to do business because I don't need to spend much time to explain our hair.

You can feel the Quality and our Hair speaks for itself. Every day I say Thanks God to let me Out Standing and Special in this hair business.

- My diet is okay, it could be better & but screw it..only live once, i enjoy food & the gym, it’s learning not to over indulge (but some days its needed😂).

@c.fletcher A little night gym session to get the gains flowing💪🏾 #beyondraw #prosupps #cellucor #dymatize #rsp #questnutrition #lennyandlarrys #evogen #allmaxnutrition #gnclivewell #nutrishop #tlmresearch #xtend #5percentnutrition #spartanrace #toughmudder #savagerace #beardgang #beastmode #fitspo #fitchicks #ebonyfitness #fitchicksrock #gainscity #24hourfitness #bose Ar #fitspo #instafit ♈Treadmill Incline Fast Walk 17 Minutes 58 Seconds, 300 Calories, 1.14 Miles ♈Dumbbell Bench Press 115 Pounds 4x8 Reps[🎥] ♈Triceps Dips Bodyweight 2x15 Reps Bodyweight 2x20 Reps ♈Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 80 Pounds 4x10 Reps[🎥] ♈Cable Rope Triceps Pushdowns 60 Pounds 4x15 Reps ♈Dumbbell Bench Fly 50 Pounds 4x12 Reps ♈Shoulder Press Machine 125 Pounds 3x12 Reps Triple Set Dumbbell Alternate Front Raise 10 Pounds 4l3x15 Reps Triple Set Dumbbell Alternate Side Lateral 10 Pounds 3x15 Reps ♈Dumbbell Side Bend 40 Pounds 4x25 Reps - 💰 Labor Day Sale 💰 . - Now, i weigh roughly about 15kg more than i did back then with most of that weight coming from weight training since April last year!

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