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Technology has changed our lives in many ways — and complicated them as well. Everything is connected to everything for a lot of couples." But with foresight and perhaps some help from a family mediator, marriage counselor or lawyer, you can dodge these common tech snags whether you're getting divorced, separating or just going through a rough patch.If you're in a rocky relationship or marriage, the technology you rely on can make a break-up or divorce even more challenging. We spoke to experts in the field about the most common tech issues in divorces.

Dating marriage and divorce virginia tech

Separating couples, whether they're divorcing or just separating for the time being, suddenly have to use the same income to support two households.

"Suppose, for example, that a mom decides the couple must separate and the dad does not want to separate but agrees to move out," says Colin.

"If you have a shared plan, you can look at somebody's minutes, somebody's text messaging," says Barkus.

"That's a somewhat common occurrence, especially if there's infidelity or there's suspicion of it." You're really left with only two options: breaking your plan and paying the penalty, or coming to an arrangement and agreeing to each pay part of the bill for the duration of the contract.

"Online dating services would probably be a close second," Barkus continues.

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