Dating minton pottery marks

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I emailed to ask how they identified and dated this pattern, but no response. I am the daughter-in-law of an avid figurine collector, who after decades of collecting, has whittled herself down to buying *only* Royal Worcester. To my (admittedly non-expert) eye it looks:- - Old - Quality - English Staffordshire early 1800's - Japanese styling (Kutani palette) Please post if you know any more or can add to this thread.Thanks Peter (admin) ============================== Here's what Joanne originally posted (the story of the plate):- Plate bought at a Garage Sale.Are you THE Melissa, my friend who answers lots of queries for us?? First I need to say Minton marks are a specialist area simply because Minton were so large and important company.

A circle inside a triangle for 1876, a cross inside a rectangle for 1884, a dot inside a square for 1869, Staffordshire knot for 1888 ..... This info is taken from what Goddens says about Minton marks: From 1842 they went to an impressed 'cypher system' very specific and easy to date. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china. He makes a couple of references to a planned sequel for Minton 1850 , as well, but I can't find any such book. Collecting relative is in the US, her parents emigrated from Birmingham. We just had a submission from Joanne Bray over in Australia about an old nice quality looking Japanese Kutani style (e.g.

There may be exceptions I suppose, but generally, this is what you see: There is normally a set of three marks: YEAR -- a different 'cyper' or graphic mark for every year for 100 years. MONTH -- This is normally a letter of the alphabet - J for January, F for February etc etc (I can't see this on yours)POTTERS MARK -- I don't have any info on the potters mark, but I guess they are the squiggles. Please post comments below which you think might be helpful…… I have a great time tracking down these little mysteries, always glad to help! I've picked up my taste for English china from her. the orange palette) plate without markings except for a small red blob mark on the bottom.

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