Dating muslim women ghana

by  |  27-May-2019 23:10

Women, in general, are viewed as victims of male oppression.

So it becomes our burden to prove that we’re not the oppressor and work harder to prove that.

A large part of female success is therefore defined by finding the right partner for her ‘success’.

I wouldn’t say women are inherently less ambitious, but their ambitions are not directed to what a capitalist part of the world would call success.

Also, I think people feel like they have to be the finished package before they are ready to spend their life with someone as opposed to growing as an individual with someone which can cause them to delay or neglect meeting people.

It doesn’t help that Asian weddings can be very expensive, so before considering getting married, many need to make sure they’ve got healthy bank balances.

Also, women from a Muslim background have culturally been dependent on male support, financially.

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