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If you have a question, please reach out and send it through! Even though I always check the BBW box on my profile, I’m not sure guys realize what they’re getting into because I photograph well. Except that, um…it wasn’t technically a “body shot” even though my whole body was showing. Like a thirteen-year-old girl posing as an adult supermodel, or a bored fortysomething suburban dad claiming to be a hot, urban tech mogul.And I can’t bring myself to post the really bad full body pics. You’re not catfishing when you use those photos, but you might be in danger of kittenfishing.And sister, you those guys are out there looking for you.

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Given all the niche dating apps floating about on the internet right now – the bacon-lovers dating app, for example – it’s a little sad that until now, there wasn’t a dating app for a group of people who often feel excluded in the dating scene: plus-size women. It’s a new dating app created just for plus-size women – and the men who have a thing for women with curves.

Co-founders Neil Raman and Michelle Li told the Daily Dot that the idea for the app emerged after they watched a viral video showing men mocking a woman for her size. It’s described as the ‘tinder for BBW’, serving as a space where plus-size women can enjoy online dating without fearing cruel comments on their weight from anonymous dudes.

Even while you work, someone could be checking out your profile on your plus size online dating website and sending you an invitation!

The same goes for you—you can check people out anytime you want without having to leave your home.

I was intrigued and my curiosity was definitely piqued! It was taken from a high angle (you know that trick).

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