Dating personality quizzes cougar dating website review

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But it never hurts to do a little research, and get to know yourself a little better.

To get the best info possible, answer the quizzes listed below as honestly as possible, and you should be able to learn more about your strengths and flaws.

And, in many ways, they can also uncover things you didn't know about yourself. But it is important not to diagnose yourself, or let them have too much sway over your life. If the result you get from a personality quiz is a useful lens for you to learn more about yourself, how to care for yourself, or how to build stronger relationships, then enjoy!

These include hostility, impatience, difficulty expressing emotions, competitiveness, drive, perfectionism and an unhealthy dependence on external rewards such as wealth, status, or power." Or, you might possess the qualities of a more laid-back Type B personality.

Knowing which one you most relate to can help explain a lot about how you handle yourself at work, and in relationships. Best-selling author Gretchen Rubin created the Four Tendencies quiz, which can help you get to know yourself better, and thus make more informed decisions about your future."The self-knowledge I have gained from taking Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies quiz is what has empowered me to rock my side hustle," Leslie Fischer, founder of Sustainable Slumber, tells Bustle.

This kind of knowledge has empowered me and thousands of other people to understand how to set up a happy, productive life."Take the quiz here.

Have you heard of the VIA Survey of Character Strengths? If you'd like a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to determining your life's purpose, it can help to identify your elemental composition.

So after you have completed the questionnaire, we will give you feedback on three things: What is your “personality signature?

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