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There are three different time frames that items can be returned. Electronics and computers should be returned in 30 days. You buy items, you get home, try it on; I didn't like it.!! My last attempt, was over a month later and they said during live chat they would force it through.

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I really take issue about your comment that "if you just return your items in the store, with your receipt , and within the number of days (30) or according to Sears policy, then you'll be fine." On May 20, 2017 my husband returned our items in the store. When my credit card statement arrived and none of the returns were on it, I immediately commenced a mainly unsuccessful round of emails with the Sears Representatives, in order to collect what was owed to us.

In November 2017, when the refunds still weren't made, I emailed the Representative.

We purchased a washer and dryer 9/18, they changed the delivery date 3 times so my husband cancelled the order and asked for our money back.

A month later, we just received a refund check that bounced.

Store manager stated that the corporate office knew some of the checks would bounce and that they would be re-issued. Range and microwave on August 31, 2018 and was delivered to the Home Builders address in Laredo Texas.

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