Dating rand mcnally maps

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Unlike Rand Mc Nally and Gousha, the Clason Map Company (CMCo) typically did not even place codes on its products during this period.

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In the Indiana map below, for example, the title () is “Route 27.” A perusal of the (fix this URL) Guide indicates that an Indiana map with these characteristics would be dated as 1924 (1924a was an early variant and 1924b, if listed, was a later variant, possibly early 1925; there was also a later variant of 1926, labeled 1926c).

Midget maps, which were typically identical to the regular maps except in size, were produced in several years along with the regular maps. Pleasant, but on that of 1931 paving extended to Clare.

1981 - Belize gains independence from United Kingdom/Guatemala.

Collectors of Clason state road maps issued between 19 are presented with challenges around determining map publication dates.

However, there were often numerous state variations in these legends within any one year.

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