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Since 2013, he has devoted himself to the particular technique of reverse glass painting.

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Of course, the idea of painting in reverse is challenging, yet a lot of it is intuitive for many children.

Visually, we learn to think of backgrounds first as we develop as painters, but that is a little counterintuitive: a child will naturally gravitate to the foreground, the subject of the piece. 15€ per m2 Acrylic paints (You can use oils, take into account that they take longer to dry.

Fixes have to co And the very opportunity to see, and construct the w ork backwards actually allows for certain objectivity.

This can be very helpful when an artist is blocked, or afraid of failure, at whatever age.

As a museum entirely dedicated to the glass arts, the Vitromusée Romont houses a collection of more than 1300 reverse glass paintings – in addition to stained glass, glass containers, graphic works and tools related to glass arts.

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