Dating service add url

by  |  12-May-2019 09:11

It is really a fairly simple thing for spammers - or social media sites or Indian dating sites or just about any site for that matter - to do. In that "invitation" amidst all the words about how wonderful their service or product will be a link. kwyjibo=182934 In reality, it could be completely hidden and even made to look completely misleading.

Of course, over the years I've acquired throw-away and social accounts of less concern.

Not a bad idea to read a link that Leo has provided on this page, titled "How Do I Know This Web Address Is Safe?

Thanks again for providing some very useful advice.

Great adavise to this main reason I use Mail Washer,lets me delete,bounce from server so not to ever reach my in box. This article is more helpful than any tech article I've read in years.

would not be without it,have used it for several years and it works great, I use the free version by the way. I wish I'd known years ago about the above-described washing technique that spammers use. ***** / 5 [ five stars out of five ] Good advice, Leo.

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