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That’s the thought process behind online dating apps made specifically for people with illnesses and disabilities.The logic goes that by creating apps for people with health conditions, singles can find like-minded people who get your health challenges.Ideally, everyone would be understanding of other’s health challenges, but sadly some people aren’t.

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Sure, you know the big dating sites but what if your tastes are more specific--MUCH more specific?

If you never thought you could find a partner who has the same priorities, preferences, tastes, fetishes, lifestyles, or medical conditions as you—the following list of REAL dating sites will give you new hope: 1.

Realizing that you need someone that understands your condition is paramount.“I am very grateful to the site, it helped me gain some sort of confidence and the fact that it’s aimed at people with mental illness was what attracted me,” Charlotte says.

“It’s always a difficult conversation in telling someone your diagnosis, some people don’t always understand, whereas this gets that part out of the way.”“We don’t go through the whole boy-meets-girl in high school anymore.

But he is able to use “It’s hard to date when someone doesn’t understand it.

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