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That said, nerdy girls don’t have the fondest of memories when it comes to (any level of) public schooling, so they’re still budding from a social standpoint. Realistically, you find these quirky passions sexy because they’re what set her apart from every other girl out there walking around the street. You might be dating a sexy chick with blonde hair and blue eyes, but if she left you today, you’d probably be able to find another sexy chick with blonde hair and blue eyes. But if your sh*t falls apart with your geeky girlfriend, I reckon it’ll be a whole lot harder to find a girl whose eyes light up at the prospect of Coen brothers movies and delivery pizza.Who knows what the future has in store for her; give her a few more years, and she might look like Jodi Lyn O’Keefe by the end of “She’s All That.”Lord knows you’re pretty weird yourself. You love betting the entirety of your paycheck on tennis – especially women’s tennis (during clay court season). I’m telling you: That’s the type of sh*t you’ll miss.

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And this bodes well for you, as you’ll never be required to wait for her to get ready before dates and such.

When she says she’ll be ready in five minutes, she means five minutes.

The app allows you to quickly set up a profile that includes a profile picture, your job title, and the reason you network such as finding new friends in your area or launching your startup.

From there, you add up to ten interests – these can range from more professional interests such as #photography or #writing to more nerdy interests such as #comicbooks.

To be clear – the goal is professional and friendly networking, not dating.

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