Dating service for spiritual people

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“I was single and using, which was popular at the time,” remembers Crosby.

“I was meeting mainstream guys with whom I had nothing in common; I was bored.” Thirteen years later, Spiritual Singles now has a thriving database of approximately 57,000 members, reports Crosby, who identify on all spiritual levels from Baha’I to Rastafarian to Buddhism—though “Conscious/Spiritual” is the most popular selection.

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It looks like meeting like-minded individuals may not be so challenging after all.

By Jen Jones With the recent glut of online dating sites, meeting other singles is as easy as a few simple clicks—but how do you meet potential partners with whom you’ll actually click?

She personally designed Love Colors’ 13-question Myers/Briggs-style quiz to help users determine their own colors and pinpoint possible color matches—or clashes.

“Violets and tans are the exact opposite: violets have big dreams, while tans are very practical and logical,” says Oslie.

There are no rules or expectations, and it’s about being true to oneself and staying in the flow.

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