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But not according to Tinder users, after the dating app carried out a study into what professions turned on customers the most.

We asked Pia for a comment about the huge funding amount she and her team are aiming for, but she said that further details will only be revealed in a few weeks, when the start of the token sale comes closer.

What I personally already know is that I won’t invest.

Eventually she found a man, married with kids, who was willing to provide her with an allowance of €2,200 a month. We became good friends in the end." Linnea speaks like an advert for Seeking. I just did it to go out clubbing and do what I wanted without worrying.

"We mostly went for fancy dinners in London, to art exhibitions," Linnea says. She talks about how her sugar daddy gave her mentoring and business tips. I had a real luxury life there, which I never had back home." Not just for heterosexuals Jorge* is a South American exchange student in Berlin and a gay sugar baby whose sugar daddy pays for his studies.

With the funds, Ohlala CEO Pia Poppenreiter and her team are planning to build a next generation paid dating platform with consent at its heart.

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