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Borovichesky Factory Polimarsh, the manufacturer of portable vulcanizing presses in Russia.The equipment operates at mining and metallurgical enterprises in Russia, CIS countries, Africa, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and coal enterprises in the Czech Republic.

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The importance of the city further increased with the completion of the Turkestan–Siberia Railway in the early 20th century.

The new railway connected Novonikolayevsk to Central Asia and the Caspian Sea.

In 1913, Novonikolayevsk became one of the first places in Russia to institute compulsory primary education. There were wartime epidemics, especially of typhus and cholera, that claimed thousands of lives.

In the course of the war the Ob River Bridge was destroyed.

Neglect in the 1990s while other areas were redeveloped helped preserve it in the post-Soviet era.

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