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by  |  24-Oct-2019 21:10

Songsmith CW A3T With a very responsive and extremely well balanced dreadnought sound, the Songsmith is an honest and true acoustic guitar.

It’s not because this was a gift or it was one of those fabled “closet gems.” This is just a damn good guitar, and to find out its provenance makes it even more special.

I’m looking to get an LR Baggs Anthem system installed in it within the next week or so.

They’re worth about half as much now, but who cares? For specs, here’s what Michel shared with me: “That’s an S&P Pro Rosewood.

It actually has a solid spruce top, but the nitro finish has yellowed over the years so it looks darker than a spruce top.

The B-Band A3T system offers high gain before feedback along with an amazingly pure, dynamic and full acoustic sound via an incredibly thin (0.04 mm) under saddle transducer, based…

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