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The fact that the 100 days fly by very fast, definitely make this stage of the game a bit of an afterthought.However, this thankfully, is obviously not the bulk of the gameplay.

Whilst doing this, the player has to boost his stats appropriately, as well as make diligent effort to constantly see and woo the girl he wishes to be with, and has 100 days to get a confession from the girl or it’s back to the drawing board.

This section of the game is admittedly, nothing too special and is very much like any other dating sim, aside from feeling slightly more stripped down.

From Rinko’s habit of kicking your shins, to Manaka’s surprised little yelps to Nene’s sweet giggles, as well as other ‘miscellaneous’ actions such as how they wave and walk ‘towards’ you, are all extremely nice little touches that dating sims generally neglect to put in and helps to really make the girls’ personalities shine and help make ‘ Love Plus’ an exceptional game in a saturated genre.

Sound 9/10The sound is far more consistent however, and is one of the game’s fortes.

After the confession, the player gets into the stage where he is in a steady relationship with the girl of his choice.

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