Adult latin chat - Dating site for people in jail

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He said the website is already well known, and appreciated, throughout Canada’s prison system.“She’s an angel for helping some of the people that society has basically given up on,” he said of Melissa.The Correctional Service of Canada declined to comment on “an external site” when asked about Canadian Inmates Connect.The 16-month-old website, which promotes some 40 convict profiles, has even churned out a few lockup love stories.

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Canadian Inmates Connect helps prisoners like Mehlenbacher escape, so to speak, from the daily grind of life in the pen.“He’s in there with a bunch of weirdos or whatever, so by getting a letter from somebody from the outside brings a smile to him,” she said.“I guess it just makes somebody’s day.”Mehlenbacher said the website has given many guys he knows on the inside a boost.“I was kinda lonely,” Mehlenbacher, who spoke to The Canadian Press on the phone from prison, said of his decision to join the website.

Shortly after posting his profile, he said he started to receive letters, including one from a woman in Nairobi, Kenya, who was looking for a pen pal.

He insisted he only ever used a weapon once in a robbery: a knife to hold up a beer store.

During the bank robberies, he said he would slip a note to a teller warning that he was armed and that they had better hand over some cash.

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