Dating straight women

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She ordered a Heineken, and even though I didn’t like beer, I did, too, because I didn’t want to do anything that would make me unattractive to her.

From that night on, I always drank Heineken, because it was like drinking her.

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I stocked my refrigerator with it in hopes that she would leave her husband one rainy night, and land on my doorstep, needing a drink. But, readers, as I write this, 20 years later, I am drinking a Heineken. After that affair, I got involved with a succession of straight women.

They talk about gardening and needlepoint, and other girly stuff. They like me a hell of a lot better than lesbians do.

Surprisingly, among the 127 participants open to dating a trans person, almost half selected a trans person of a gender incongruent with their stated sexual orientation.

For example, 50% of the trans-inclusive straight women and 28% of the trans-inclusive gay men were willing to date a trans , even though one wouldn’t expect either straight women or gay men to be attracted to women.

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