Wechat girls contact for sex chat - Dating strong successful women

by  |  27-Oct-2019 01:49

As our collective universal conscious rises, “all masculine” type of men are fewer and fewer.

Confusing masculine and feminine energies with male or female or man or woman limits our ultimate potential by limiting our true understanding of who we really are.

It is a huge loss for our romantic interactions – how we connect and relate as male and female, man and woman That said, let’s be real.

At one time I worked with a love coach who told me that men unless they are feminine energy men lose “respect” (translate attraction) for successful women because successful women put out too much masculine energy.

So I’ve been dressing feminine and acting feminine and doing everything they say feminine women should do to attract a man, but I don’t feel like myself and I think men sense it too.

Meanwhile their “all masculine” man gets home in the evening, pops a beer and slams on the couch to watch the sports channel.

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