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It’s time we all stopped deemphasizing the importance of sex and accept it for what it is.

Every time we think we’re taking some moral high-road by saying it’s superficial or shallow to place such importance on sex, we only do a disservice to ourselves and our lovers.

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Dating taking things slowly

I checked in with him a few days later, and he told me what he had been up to, and that he planned go on a road trip with friends that weekend. A few days after that I sent another text, and came in a little hotter this time, basically saying I’d love to go out again if he’s free. I desire to be in a loving, committed relationship with a guy I can also call my best friend. It’s tough for me to meet men who I think are worth my time and energy.…
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This means if anyone sends you a message first, you can reply to them without using up your own credits. The only proviso is that you can’t read or send messages without credits.…
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