Dating unequally yoked priyanka chopra dating shahrukh khan

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As an example, if someone hated my wife and I remained there best friend, you would be right to question my dedication to my wife.How can the Corinthians “open wide their heart” to Paul while at the same time be in close partnership with the false teachers who gave him so much trouble? It wouldn’t be a fruit of their repentance to continue being best buds with these false teachers.

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As a youth pastor this was a pretty common verse I pulled out of my repertoire. We should not be dating except for the purpose of marriage. You should not, according to 2 Corinthians , be married to an unbeliever (provided that you are a believer at the time of your marriage). We can come to those answers by considering the context.

In fact what appears to be an odd change in topic in -7-1 is so abrupt some have come to the conclusion this text isn’t in the original.

But if you read this passage simply for what it’s saying it is not so abrupt.

So the “unbelievers” in the most immediate context are the false teachers giving Paul so much trouble.

Dating unequally yoked

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