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“He couldn’t come because the streets were blocked.”“If this continues, I’m closing up and going to Puerto Rico.

I’ve got family there.”That morning I’d gone out to buy whatever I could find.

You’re almost opening the restaurant,” the owner said with a smile. ”He was sitting at one of the tables by himself, drinking a beer and checking his phone. He wore a black T-shirt with the logo of the restaurant, the name “Portofino” in white letters with a long curly “P” that made the silhouette of a guitar.

But that bubble burst as soon as we walked out: Children were waiting around, begging for money to buy food.

María and I never got to eat that night, but we agreed to meet again.

He said that because of several shootings, only two out of four bars were left on Caruachi Street.

He called it “Tarantino Street.”María doesn’t drink, but I asked for a beer, so that we hadn’t come for nothing.“We recently hired a comedian from Valencia and had to cancel the show,” the owner said, referring to a city a 12-hour drive away.

That day, several people were shot and wounded in Ciudad Guayana, my city, the quiet city.

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