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The Category 5 Hurricane Dorian (shown bottom left in a satellite view) was lingering over the island of Grand Bahama this morning, moving westward at just 1mph, bringing up to 30 inches of rain and leaving an airport under five feet of water (some of the devastation is seen center and bottom right).

It made landfall with wind speeds of 185mph yesterday, making it the second-strongest Atlantic storm on record, and the joint-strongest ever to hit land.

In the accompanying note (right), the royal couple said they were 'touched' by the 'overwhelming' support they had received.

College student Joel Crockett, who had Asperger's syndrome and learning difficulties, was found dead at his home in Liverpool in April this year by mother Ruth, 52.

Opposition MPs will tomorrow try to seize control of proceedings in the House of Commons to try to pass legislation making it illegal for the PM to take Britain out of the bloc without an agreement.

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