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They canned everything from mint jelly to beans to peaches in syrup.

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Rejoice if you find one of those; Buffalo jars are pretty rare.

They were first made in Buffalo in 1884 and for several years after. They identify the position that the mold in which the jar was made held on the glassmaking machine.

Plants were located at Wheeling, WV; Washington, PA; Clarksburg, WV; Zanesville, OH; Grafton, WV; Ada, OK; Pomona, CA; Blackwell, OK; Lancaster, NY; Oakland, CA; Montgomery, AL; and Plainfield, IL. This chart is probably from a trade publication of the 1950s: Chart of Hazel-Atlas base codes on containers, courtesy of

Hazel Atlas Florentine No 1 dinner plate, circa 1932-1935. Hazel Atlas produced huge quantities of “Depression glass” tableware in the 1920s, 1930s and ’40s, most commonly in the typical “Depression era” transparent glass colors of light green, clear (“crystal”), pink and yellow (actually a light yellow leaning toward yellow-amber).

Since then, the company has produced several different modern colors, including purple and green.

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