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Oklahoma law defines domestic violence as actual physical injury, sexual assault, or threats to physically injure or assault a household member.

For purposes of the domestic violence law, a household member includes current and former spouses, roommates, and relatives by blood or marriage. If you or your child is a victim of domestic violence, you can get help, including victim resources and shelter information, through the Oklahoma Coalition on Domestic Violence.

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Oklahoma law requires a judge to presume that joint or sole custody should not be awarded to a parent who has been convicted of domestic violence in the past five years.

If a protective order is granted and the judge decides that sole custody to the non-abusive parent is in the child’s best interests, a visitation order may include one or more of the following limits on the abusive parent’s visitation: In the most extreme cases of abuse, a parent may lose parental rights altogether.

This means the parent may not visit with or otherwise parent the child.

An Oklahoma court cannot terminate a parent’s rights without clear and convincing evidence that continuing the parent’s relationship is not in the best interests of the child.

Murder, kidnapping, rape and armed robbery are a few of the obvious that made the list.

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