3 month time limit for backdating - Dating websites for the deaf

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But then, I don’t really socialise in deaf circles.After a (long) while being single, I decided I would try the internet dating thing a try.It is the only site in this category to cater to specifically one type of sign language.

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Dating websites for the deaf

This may vary between browsers and operating systems (we used Mozilla...

Deaf is a hip and happening site mainly for US members, and one of only two top sites in this category that is completely free for all users.

When you pay for longer periods the deal gets even cheaper, and goes down to as little as £2.62 per month when you pay for a whole year with £39.91. There should not be a duplication of profiles except where people use both sites, which does tend to happen with the more popular dating...

ASLSingles is devoted to people who use American Sign Language.

Firstly, there is a choice of reading the site content in either English or German.

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