Dating whiting davis enamel mesh purse

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First time I offer this one, I'm thrilled about the condition and you will be too.This purse is also listed in our mesh purse category. ** When free shipping is offered on an item and it is returned, the buyer accepts that their refund will be less the original shipping costs. Designated photos, descriptions and content are the property of Antiques Off Broadway and their respective owners.She soon decided to show part of the collection to the public.

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The metal is in fine condition, no dents or damages, just a few light scratches, certainly nothing distracting.

The rear hinge is secure and the blue tipped cabochon clasp has a snug closure.

Enamel colors are strong with minimal or minute loss, I really don't see anything much at all to mention.

The bright and polished silver plated compact top is the crown jewel for this mesh purse.

Mesh bags are still made and used today, but the ones shown here are circa 1890-1930s.

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