Dating younger men 4 years friends dating site de

by  |  13-Jun-2019 15:14

I don’t sit around thinking about our age gap every day. until I remembered that I’m an intelligent, independent human being and DGAF what anyone thinks.

In addition to the beautifully matched lust levels and stamina, younger millennials have been exposed to a far more candid and unprejudiced dialogue about sex during their impressionable years. When I was dating men my own age, certain attitudes and behaviors were a turn-off.

This removes stigma, improves trust, and opens a world of adventures… I’d just discovered my freedom and was excited by the possibilities the world had to offer, whereas my dates often seemed disillusioned by life.

When I decided to ignore the rules and walk my own magnificent path, my life massively improved, as did my love life.

Rebelling against these oppressive ideas isn’t just empowering, it’s good for society in general. WHAT YOU THINK YOU NEED AND WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

Our paths are unique and no one needs that pointless pressure to reach meaningless milestones just for the sake of it.

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