Dating your next door neighbor

by  |  31-Jul-2019 06:23

Once you have decided, you'll want to talk about the potential situation. If she agrees and shows she understands the risk, that is good. There is a serious risk of annoying each other immensely if you aren't careful. It's not nice to your neighbors and can make your life a living hell. That said, there is a lot of obvious fun you can have.

I recommend approaching it by reminding her that you are both mature adults. It won't prevent a blow up, but you'll have the opportunity to tread cautiously and see the problem coming at least. Your proximity is very close, and it allows for a lot of intimacy. The most important part of all this is to use your judgment. A little planning and some intelligence will go a long way.

Think about it, your neighbor knows when you’re home, when you have people over, when you’ve gone shopping, when you’re out, when you’re cooking…pretty much everything.

Unfortunately, when you’re banging your neighbor – who can see your comings and goings – it’s not so easy to lie about your whereabouts.

When he invites you over, your go-to story about staying in because you don’t feel well, won’t work when he sees you going out with friends later that night. But, once you start banging your neighbor she’s going to feel comfortable enough to drop by your place unannounced whenever it suits her.

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