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I’ve seen this mentioned on the forum more than once: “I can’t attract women because I have this deep seeded belief that I’m just not worthy of a beautiful woman. ” I started writing out a long article about the nature of beliefs and other such things, but I had a better idea. Even if she if it doesn’t work out and she leaves you for one of her friends, you’ve still had the pleasure of her time.

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You’ll be the guy who has something honest, real, and powerful to share with her.

By not thinking you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, you’re already one step ahead of every guy who does because you’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to being the real, genuine, and powerful guy she’s looking for. It’ll just come out as whining about not being worthy and all that shit…” Great point. If you think you’re worthy of a beautiful woman, then you’re much more likely to rely on them to feel good about yourself.

After all, the worst thing she can do is exactly what you expect her to do 4.

Once you’ve started talking with her, just openly share your internal happiness rather than trying to get into her pants because you already know there’s no way you’re going to seduce her 5.

If you think a supermodel is within your reach, then it’s FAR easier to fall into the trap of using her to determine your sense of worth in the world. If you don’t think a beautiful woman is within your reach, then there’s no way you can rely on her to feel good.

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