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About a year ago, media and news were flooded by the news that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston started to see each other and that they renewed their romantic relationship.

However, a short time after that there were news that Brad started to see someone else behind Jennifer’s back and that he once again dumped his ex-wife and lover.

The first woman that the media and news connected with Brad was Neri Oxman and she was allegedly the reason for Brad leaving Jennifer.

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Slay Queen Princess Shyngle has succeeded in causing havoc in the marriage of footballer Michael Essien as reports trickling in suggests, the footballer’s marriage could be heading to divorce.

Princess Shyngle in an interview on Delay’s show confessed that she dated Michael Essien for a year some time ago after Delay questioned her why she was seen kissing the footballer in public.

It was just confirmed that Brad showed during the party that was organized for Jennifer’s 50 In order to make thing crystal clear here, Neri decided to give an interview for New York Times and she was very concise and crystal here in stating that she and Brad never had any kind of relationship and that they never saw or dated each other.

So, Neri and Brad were never together in the first place and it was impossible that she was the reason for Brad and Jennifer’s split up since they did not start dating again.

The tabloids even had some reliable sources which claimed that Jennifer was again heart-broken because of Brad.

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