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It has now become clear that the map of Senmut neither depicts an arbitrary gathering of planets in the sky nor is it a virtual copy of possible older patterns made by Senmut's predecessors.

The recording on the map only shows that the calculated eclipse has in fact taken place. noto a tutti quanto la questione del calendario fosse importante nel mondo ebraico ... By Ove von Spaeth, Independent Scholar, Denmark ( "... but of the original chronology that Egyptologists had long-established for dynastic times. - Being published in Ove von Spaeth's treatise on "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map".

- the paper does not mention anything about a total eclipse; and it is a fact that also annular eclipses were recorded by the ancients. per tale motivo dedicher almeno una pagina a links connessi in qualche modo con questo tema. This star-map actually describes a planetary conjunction in which the planet position is defined to a certain sector of the sky, plus a solar eclipse. The data concerned have been revealed by a thorough examination of one of the most unique Egyptian celestial decoration ...". Although general merit can be given to his [Ov S's] interpretation of the ceiling (of which he received widespread accolades from numerous and notable peers), there are concerns about the dataset he used ... but we can be sure such an eclipse could have been an early root from which later generations of priests drew reverence ...". Avry Wilson, The Official Graham Hancock Website: Discussion Forum, The Mysteries - The 64th Controversy VI, - ( [email protected]) & (autumn 2003) & post 153270: I have read with interest information provided on your website concerning the research of the Senmut star-map and its probable relation to Moses.

a close encounter of the planets) in which a unique pattern of the positions of the planets concentrated within a defined sector of the sky, it therefore contains information unmistakably related to a fixed point of time.

It has been possible to calculate this as May 1534 BC, (ed.: any doubts about the accuracy of the calculations?

The presented interpretation seems being confirmed with great precision by modern astronomical methods.

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