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You can get in touch with me on Twitter or via email.I’m serious – please ask me questions if you get stuck.I’d hate to see anyone go through a bunch of work and not end up with a great-looking site.

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I spent over 15 hours writing this guide (as well as taking screenshots and editing them) with the intent of making it the ultimate resource for getting yourself online.

When you’re done, you’ll have established a great online presence.

If all you have is a resume, you have to go out and hand it to people to get your name out.

If someone wanted to look you up on the internet and you didn’t have a website, all they might get is a Facebook or Twitter profile. This is key for establishing your personal brand and for highlighting your accomplishments.

I want to be very clear that there are definitely other good choices for your domain and hosting out there. However, I believe it’s a lot more impressive to have a self-hosted site with an actual domain name (not a subdomain).

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