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The government controlled the German Shepherd pedigree registration and breeding program because they saw the DDR German Shepherd as a military canine.Extremely rigid breeding guidelines were put into practice.

Agree with the standards or not, one cannot argue that it did assure that for almost 40 years only the dogs who met strict criteria were allowed to breed.

These standards included powerful, deep chested bodies with straight long backs, intimidating presence and supreme intelligence.

Unlike West Germany, dogs that had fast normal hips or worse could not be bred.

Dams had to appear with her whole litter for an inspection of teeth, ear set, temperament, coat, total overall appearance.

Because of the invasion their country by Germany, the Soviets joined the Allies, and by late 1944, the United States and Great Britain were closing in on Germany from the West, while the Soviets were closing in from the East.

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