Sarah omobuwa 2 webcam - Death dating vs planned obsolescence

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Over time, scratches appear, colors fade, abrasions occur, plating falls off… The customer will replace his old and shabby gadgets sooner than those which look good.

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Products aren’t designed to last; they’re designed for the dump. But broken display glass and all damages from improper handling are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

In this situation, engineers don’t aim to create the best possible machine. The dropper is reminded of his clumsiness every time he looks at the display (often the screen still works and only the glass is damaged).

Many customers will upgrade to the succeeding gadget with slightly better features once it is introduced.

This is a very good example: the first i Phone didn’t support 3G internet bandwidth, MMS, universal Bluetooth, not even video recording, all of which were considered to be standard features.

That’s great news for the wine thermometer industry.

Death dating vs planned obsolescence

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