Debate about online dating

by  |  01-May-2019 19:04

You are right, online dating is indeed more popular around the age of 35.

The older generation is much less inclined to hang in a bar all night to flirt and possibly meet someone interesting.

Dating in real life is still possible and people will not unlearn how to date.

Also, for people that are too shy for example, dating websites are a great tool to still meet someone. I never really been interested in dating websites, but I do think there are advantages and disadvantages.

Plus, there is of course the safety issue, anyone can be on these websites so you cannot know for sure if you can trust someone online (maybe they have a fake picture of themselves, lie about their age, etc.).

I guess people are more open to online dating, but I have the feeling it is still avoided a little, especially by the younger generation.

For our generation there are of course much more possibilities that make it unnecessary to 'resort to' online dating.

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