Definition polyamory dating

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The old dynamic that the dyad or the single woman had cannot continue because the relationship status is no longer a dyad or a single woman.Some people in the “unicorn hunt” treat the search for a woman like shopping.This term is not intended to apply to merely casual recreational sex, anonymous orgies, one-night stands, pick-ups, prostitution, "cheating," serial monogamy, or the popular definition of swinging as "mate-swapping" parties.

Definition polyamory dating

Some suggest that one must currently be participating in multiple relationships to be considered polyamorous.

Others would consider their relational outlook polyamorous, regardless of whether they happen to be single or in an exclusive relationship at the time.

alt.polyamory participants collaborated on a FAQ (frequently asked questions) post that was updated periodically, and included the group's definition of "polyamory".

The latest version of the FAQ on, dated 1997, has this definition: Polyamory means "loving more than one".

Different terms emphasise different aspects of the interaction, but "swinging" and "polyamory" are both broad in what they can refer to. Similarly, an open relationship in which all participants are long-term friends might be considered "polyamorous" under broader usages of the word but excluded from some of the stricter usages (see further discussion below).

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