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She is in the seventies but still not backing up from her work.

Diane Keaton is an inspiration for upcoming generations.

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Though she has dated several of her boyfriends, she stated she satisfy with the life of her own right. She is the mother of two adopted children; son Duke and daughter Dexter. Her mother was a part-time photographer and homemaker. She completed her graduation from local high school in 1964.

Diane Keaton mentioned among her fans “I have a list of all men I’ve Kissed so far, she added. Her father worked as a civil engineer and real estate broker. The movie named ‘Annie Hall’ makes her won Academy Award for Best Actress. During her school years, she took part in singing and acting.

Apart from her acting career, she proves herself as a successful writer, photographer, and an editor.

She also invested in real estate Diane Keaton has numerous romantic connections.

During that time, she enjoyed romantic connections with Edward Ruscha in 1977 and Warren Beatty from 1978 to 1980.

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