Diazepam and dating tips on dating a girl with kids

by  |  05-Apr-2019 14:58

Valium use is recommended for short periods of time only, due to the medication’s high potential for both abuse, physical dependence, and addiction.If physical dependence and addiction occur, individuals can experience uncomfortable, and even life-threatening, withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking Valium abruptly.

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I agree with Laurie Shay, they are probably still good.

We had a member that posted an article about how medications (but not antibiotics, if I recall correctly) are good for much longer than what the expy date is on the vial.

I wish I could find that post for you, yet I can't recall who the poster was.

Your pharmacist may tell you that your medication is not going to be efficacious after a certain amount of time, but I believe that is incorrect.

If the addiction is not severe, a physician may prescribe a tapered dosing schedule, so the individual may be safely weaned off the medication.

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